"Ethics and plasma donation: an overview"

June 30, 2017

On 30 June, the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation organized a seminar on the subject of plasma donation and the ethical implications of the different donation systems used across the globe. While donors are paid in the United States, in Spain and most other European countries the model is based on altruism and appeals to solidarity. However, this model does not provide a platform for self-sufficiency to meet domestic therapeutic demand.

The event opened with a presentation by Victoria Camps on the ethical and philosophical aspects of solidarity and altruism in today's society, and this was followed by David Bell, president of the management board of the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), who explained current levels of demand and consumption of plasma in Europe and the United States, and future prospects. Next, Lluís Puig, care director of the Blood and Tissues Bank of Catalonia described the Catalan model and how plasma donation has evolved in this region.

The event also provided a platform for discussion between representatives of industry, the public sector, donors, prescribers, patients and bioethics professionals, offering a useful forum for analysis of this important issue from an ethical perspective.


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