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null Júlia Fontserè per “A tocar d'un món feliç” de La Salle Manlleu.
Júlia Fontserè, La Salle Manlleu.

This work aims to explore the potential for society to evolve into a dystopian reality through the use of contemporary biotechnological tools. The primary goal is to provide a dystopian story centred around a key concept of transhumanism: human immortality. It takes as its point of departure a gene therapy developed at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine and draws inspiration from fiction exploring genetic-related themes, such as Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” along with insights from interviews, courses, and other bibliographic sources.


The author examines the ethical limits of what is scientifically possible, and how literature can help us anticipate potential biotechnological applications and guide us in the preparation of suitable bioethical thinking for the future, whilst acknowledging that such dystopian scenarios are often be impracticable.