James Rice holds a conference to discuss the health management systems with health regulators

This well known health consultant, James Rice, compares management models in the public and private sectors

On July 2, James Rice, president of Integrated Healthcare Strategies, gave a conference at the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation on ethics in health management models. His speech dealt with different health management companies from the public and private sectors in Catalonia. Also in attendance was Basque Country health minister, Rafael Bengoa.

James Rice organized a practical and interactive session in which he talked about his experiences in the health sector. In his career, he has worked in more than 30 countries in public administration, universities and even private companies.

According to this expert, "no matter which country you examine, people will always be dissatisfied with their health system". According to Rice, it is impossible to establish a clear separation between public and private models because many variations of mixed models coexist. He gave the example of Spain, where each province has its own separate health management model. Throughout his speech, Rice gave various examples to address ethical questions which arise in managing resources and services, and those in attendance participated. The Foundation will publish a synopsis of the conference shortly.