Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation: new member of the BIB association

The Foundation will participate in the working group on Ethics, Safety and Regulation

The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation has joined the Bioinformatics Association of Barcelona (BIB), a nonprofit body that brings together more than 45 institutions, universities, companies and research centres engaged in bioinformatics.


The close links between the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation and Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB) will promote educational initiatives and the discussion and analysis of ethical issues relating to bioinformatics, a discipline that involves the management of personal data that often has implications for the health of individuals concerned, both now and in the future. As a result, it is essential that such data is used responsibly, reconciling care and research needs with safety considerations and respect for privacy.


These issues therefore need to be integrated into training, education and research processes. The BIB's working group on Ethics, Safety and Regulation, of which the Foundation is a member, is part of a wider effort towards achieving this goal.