New activities with Amics de la UNESCO

The lecture series resumes!

Once again we are organizing our lecture series with Barcelona Friends of UNESCO, as part of the project "Spaces for reflection" with a focus on bioethical issues such as social robotics, human improvement and the ethics of care.


Here is the schedule of lectures for the first half of 2022:


  • 23/3. Ethics and Robots - Miquel Domènech (director of the Department of Social Psychology, UAB) 
  • 27/4. Improving the human brain: what can we do and what do we want to do to improve brain functions? - Bernabé Robles (neurologist and professor of bioethics, UVic) 
  • 18/5. Environmental pollution and poisons: scientific, ethical and cultural questions - Miquel Porta (epidemiologist and professor of Public Health)
  • 15/6. The ethics of care - Montserrat Busquets (Senior Lecturer, retired, UB)
  • 13/7. Chatbots: ethical challenges and care dilemmas - Belén Jiménez (researcher and professor of Psychology and Education Sciences, UOC)


The lectures will be held in person at the premises of Barcelona Friends of UNESCO (c/ Mallorca, 207)


Registration open soon