Award Ceremony 2021

8 November

Video of the lecture by V. Montori

The Bioethics Awards Ceremony will take place on 8 November. The event includes a lecture by Víctor Montori, specialist in diabetes at the Mayo Clinic, on "The Patient Revolution for careful and kind care".


Víctor Montori has promoted what he terms the patient revolution, in favour of closer, more humanistic behaviour within the care relationship. Caring for patients requires us to recognize their situation and respond with both compassion and skill. Industrialized medicine interferes with this process, transforming doctor and patient into interchangeable parts. As a result, a system that is sometimes capable of caring ends up being cruel to those whose job it is to care for patients.  This is both humanly and economically unsustainable, and it is time for us to act in favour of a care that is careful and kind to all.


The lecture will be followed by the presentation of the awards.


Ateneu Barcelonès

6:30 pm

c/Canuda 6

08002 Barcelona


In-person event. Register here