Environmental pollution and toxins: scientific, ethical and cultural questions

18 May

New lecture in the cycle organized with Barcelona Friends of UNESCO to discuss bioethical issues. Miquel Porta, epidemiologist and professor of Public Health, will consider the ethical, social and political need to improve the well-being of people and the planet in the face of the environmental crisis.


Environmental chemical agents that affect many of our planet's populations (persistent toxic compounds, endocrine disruptors, metals, plastic waste and others) are a major example of the huge challenges we face as a society.


Every day we inhale or consume substances whose toxicity is a cause of well-founded concern. If we are to address this problem, we need to informal ourselves about the structural and immediate causes of this internal and external pollution as a basis for organizing and taking action.





18 May

6:30 pm

In-person event, in Catalan

Barcelona Friends of UNESCO

C. de Mallorca, 207, 08036 Barcelona


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