Bioethics and public health law

18 May

The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation and Fundación Gaspar Casal have organized a seminar to discuss the implications of the epidemiological management of the pandemic for citizens, with respect to limitations on rights and restrictions for public health reasons.


Analysis will consider the legal framework within which these restrictions were applied, and will address the ethical status of these measures, the question of proportionality, the legal conflict between individual and collective rights and the different criteria applied by the health authorities. What have we learned? Do we need to change the legal framework and unify ethical criteria for action in situations that may arise in the future?


The discussion forum will include professionals and specialists drawn from a range of disciplines: epidemiologists, jurists, ethicists and politicians. Participants will include: Lydia Feito, Àngel Puyol, Josefa Cantero, David Larios, Josep M. Vilajosana, Joaquín Cayón, Javier Segura and Carmen Cabezas.


Streamed seminar.







(In-person event, in Madrid, limited to a group of experts. Invitation only.) 


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