Disability and equal rights: where have we come from and where are we going

16 November

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The way society views people with disabilities has changed in parallel with the values that have characterized the dominant culture at any given historical moment. This change is not typically a linear development but instead involves complex movements, which may be disruptive in so far as they reflect modified sensibilities and legislative change and are the result of shifts in both the social imaginary and individual consciences, all of which require us to respond to new challenges in our legal, care and social practice.


The recent reform of Spanish legislation with respect to universal legal capacity, and the consequences this has for the social recognition of disability in accordance with the New York Convention (2006), places us at one of these disruptive moments.


On 16 November, the seminar "Disability and equal rights: where have we come from and where are we going" offers a considered reflection on the current situation and the challenges we face if change is to be possible.


Participants: Margarita León, Josep RamosBegoña Roman, Bernabé Robles del Olmo, Alberto Vásquez, Sílvia Ventura, Almudena Castro-Girona MartínezCarles Campuzano, Josep Maria Solé, Montserrat Vilella, Fernando Santos Urbaneja and Nuria Terribas


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Event organized with CUIMPB – Centre Ernest Lluch