Award Ceremony 2019

21 October 2019

The ceremony was hold at Casa Convalescència, and the keynote address was given by Carme Torras, research lecturer at the Institute of Industrial Robotics and Computing (CSIC-UPC), who will discuss the topic "Healthcare robotics: research, ethics and science fiction". Torras is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and is also the author of science fiction novels that invite readers to engage in an ethical reflection on our relationship with technology.


Healthcare robotics is a rapidly expanding technology designed to help carers in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and care homes, and to enable people with reduced mobility to lead autonomous lives in their own homes. Interaction between people and robots in this context may involve physical contact (for example, helping users to dress or feed themselves) and must be personalized to reflect the needs and preferences of the user.


This raises technical challenges both of security and adaptability, and ethical problems when automated decision-making comes into conflict with human freedom and dignity. Torras will present The results of the Clothilde and SOCRATES projects, which address these demanding technical challenges, and she will describe a robo-ethics educational initiative that draws on the appeal of science fiction narratives.


The grants and prizes were presented after the keynote lecture.


Casa Convalescència – Aula Magna


Calle de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171

08041 Barcelona