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Marian Barnes online lecture about ethics of care

9 November

As part of the seminar "A commitment to care and the ethics of caring", organized in partnership with Minerva, we are offering an online lecture by Marian Barnes, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the University of Brighton, on "The Necessity of Care to Justice: reflections on the ethics of care for health professionals"


The ethics of care had its origins in the distinction between relational ethics and a more abstract, decontextualised ethics associated with justice.  The relationship between care and justice has been an important theme throughout the development of care ethics within different disciplines and applied areas, including nursing and other health contexts. In this lecture will be considered key aspects of the development of care ethics from this perspective, arguing that health professionals have particular understandings of the ethical imperatives associated with interdependence and vulnerability. A position that recognises the necessity of care to justice reinforces the significance of care ethics not only in informing face to face practices, but also as a political ethic.


Thus, health professionals have responsibilities beyond their ‘hands on' roles to contribute to caring and just health policies. We can consider three contexts that raise different issues that illustrate the contribution of care ethics in this way: end of life care, uninvited interventions in mental health, and migrant health care.  The questions that care ethics invites us to consider in these contexts are rather different from those bases in justice ethics. But we also need to consider how we develop the knowledge base to inform policy: how we can ‘research with care', and who should be involved in such processes.



Online activity via Zoom with simultaneous translation.

At 11:15 am