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Ageing and loneliness

14 April

Lecture in the cycle organized with Barcelona Friends of UNESCO to discuss bioethical issues. Mercè Pérez Salanova, psychologist and lecturer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, will talk about ageing and loneliness.


The loneliness of older people has been discussed throughout the pandemic, and some have argued that this is one of the most devastating effects in the emotional sphere. But how do we define loneliness? Is it a single phenomenon? Thinking about ‘lonelinesses' in plural provides a way of considering what it means to feel alone, and to recognize the complexity of the experiences and emotions it entails.


This lecture will consider the results of research into loneliness among older people, and will discuss the biases or stereotypes that sometimes affect such work. It will also present examples of contrasting approaches to loneliness in different settings.





14 April

6:30 pm

Online activity

Lecture in Spanish


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