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Protecting the carer?

18 October

We have organized a new expert seminar with the cooperation of the Department of Social Rights of the Government of Catalonia and the Social Services Consortium. This event will address the conflicts that arise in residential centres and their impact on relationships, workloads and emotional exhaustion.


Such situations often become exacerbated to the point where the staff, teams and organizations providing services are subjected to bullying. And this also gives rise to ethical conflicts with other service users and with care teams, who are exposed to such conflicts, while constant complaints bring the Social Services System to a standstill.


To minimize such situations, it is important to have an action plan which, in line with ethical criteria, can provide a basis for responding to the most severe conflicts. Specifically, there is the need to find a way of reconciling the application of a system of penalties with the administration's duty to care for everyone.


The main objectives of the seminar are:

  • To analyse situations, diagnosing relationships of cause and effect, and hierarchical ordering.
  • To provide a theoretical, ethical and legal framework to coordinate and provide a legitimate basis for interventions.
  • To propose strategies that ensure the ethics and effectiveness of intervention.

Closed seminar. Limited to experts.

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