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Video of Ethics and Science Award (noti)

The Foundation has produced a video explaining the Ethics and Science Award. This animated video is designed to raise awareness of this prize, open to primary, high school and vocational training centres. The prize, worth 5000, 2500, and 1000 euros, is designed to recognize educational projects that promote consideration by students of the ethical repercussions of science, research and technology. View the video for more information.




Awards and grants ceremony 2016

October 11, 2016

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October 11, 2016

19 h. at Ateneu Barcelonès

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Video Gallery (noti)

Our website has a new section – the Video Gallery – that includes all the videos of the Foundation's events and lectures. The Video Gallery will contain high quality videos, in a format and resolution that are adapted to suit the user's device. The Foundation will continue to support its YouTube channel, although some videos will only be available via the Video Gallery.

School, ethics and science (noti)

30% of hereditary diseases could be avoided with genetic tests (noti)

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