Ethical questions

05. Pedagogía de la bioética. Comunicaciones. (Teaching bioethics. Communications)

Publication containing communications presented at 1st International Bioethics Conference, organized by the Grifols Foundation Chair of Bioethics at Vic. Addresses a range of topics related to health professionals, university teaching, bioethics and the relationship between bioethics and society. 

Only available in pdf format.

04. Repensar el cuerpo (Rethinking the body)

This publication reflects on different ways of understanding the body, from three different perspectives: the shift from the body as an object to the body as subject; the body from the artistic perspective; and the insights of psychoanalysis.

03. Surrogate pregnancy: an analysis of the current situation

Most coutries prohibit surrogate pregnancy also know as surrogate motherhood or "Mathers for hire". Due to this legislation many people travel to other countries where local legislation allows them to do this.  Philosophers, doctors, lawyers and psycologists give their explanations on the current situation surrounding this assited reproduction technique.

02. Sexuality and the emotions. Can they be taught?

This publication is the result of dialogue between a group of education experts with an interest in sex education. It is designed to offer a set of ideas, opinions and considerations on this subject to those responsible for educating children and adolescents (parents, teachers, sociologists, etc.).

01. What should we do with persistent sexual offenders?

The Victor Grifols i Lucas Foundation offers the discourses from the workshop "What should we do with persistent sexual offenders?" This debate workshop formed part of the "Ethical Questions" series and was attended by the following participants: Enrique Echeburúa, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Universidad del País Vasco; Mercedes García Arán, Professor of Law at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; José María Mena Former Director of Public Prosecutions of the Catalonian High Court of Justice; Joan Carles Navarro, Director of Can Brians penitentiary and Santiago Redondo Illescas, full time Professor of Psychology and Criminology from the Psychology Faculty of the Universitat de Barcelona.