The Foundation emphasizes the importance of communication activities to disseminate and raise awareness of its initiatives and publications in the sphere of bioethics.


During 2015, the Foundation worked closely with the media to inform society about its activities, awards and publications.

  • Press releases issued: 15
  • Items in printed and online media, radio and TV: 110
  • Financial evaluation of impact in printed media: 317,402 euros

Q&A communications agency provides the Foundation with support in the sphere of media relations and press monitoring. Articles mentioning the Foundation can be viewed in the press cuttings Library section on the website. The Foundation has a licence from Cedro, a body that manages authors' rights in books, journals and other media, authorizing it to publish press cuttings from the previous three months.



In June 2015, the Foundation unveiled its new website sporting a fresh design that will make the site easier to navigate, and which offers improved content management. The website received an average of 1,900 visits per month, a slight decline compared to previous years, as a result of the increasing diversification of communication channels. Many users currently find out about the Foundation's activities through social networks or newsletters, and only visit the website when they need to register for activities or download publications. Despite the lower number of visits, there has been an increase in registered users.

  • Monthly visits: 1900
  • Newsletter subscribers: 4700


The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation sustained its commitment to social networks, particularly Twitter and Facebook, during 2015. The Foundation's Twitter account, which now has 1000 followers, gained 440 followers during the year, an average of 36 new users each month. The Foundation's profile received an average of 905 visits per month, with a total of 19,700 tweets each month.


The Foundation's followers on Twitter are interested in science and current affairs, with 90% living in Spain, of whom 48% are male and 52% are female. On Facebook, 59% of the Foundation's followers are male and 41% are female.

Eighty percent of the Foundation's followers live in Spain, with the rest resident in countries such as Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

This year, the Foundation has uploaded the following videos to YouTube: bioethics awards ceremony lecture "Living well and dying well" by Jesús Mosterín; lecture series by Christian Felber about "The economics of the common good"; and Francisco Ayala's lecture on "The roots of morality". The three videos have been viewed a total of 1,790 times.

Finally, as part of its collaboration with the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the Foundation sponsored the translation of the animated video "Children and clinical research", aimed at children.

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