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null Anna Bellavista per “Un bon metge o un metge bo?” de l’Escola Pia de Granollers.
Anna Bellavista, Escola Pia de Granollers.

This work aims to highlight the importance of ethics in medical practice, given the multitude of situations that health professionals encounter on a daily basis. Despite being an undeniable reality, ethics holds a minimal presence in university degrees in Medicine, often accounting for only 3 or 4 credits out of the total 360 in the curriculum. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to highlight the need for enhanced ethics education within university medical programmes across Catalonia.


The study authors analyse the situation through interviews with national and international experts, comparing curricula from other countries with that of Catalonia, and presenting paradigmatic ethical cases within each branch of study to illustrate the cross-disciplinary nature of such conflicts. One of the final project results involves the creation of a magazine containing the ethical considerations involved in each case with the purpose of serving as an educational tool.