Awards and Grants 2009-2010

The Foundation's Jury for the Bioethics Awards & Grants in has recently announced the winners of this Edition.


Prize for Research:
The bioethics award went to Josefina Goberna Tricas, Professor at Escola Universitària d'Infermeria of Universitat de Barcelona  for her work: Dones i procreació: ètica de les pràctiques sanitàries i la relació assistencial en embaràs i naixement (Women and procreation: ethics in the medical practice and the healthcare relationship during pregnancy and birth).

Journalism Prize:
The prize for journalistic work on bioethics is awarded to the team behind the current affairs program 30 minuts broadcast by Televisió de Catalunya for the episode titled: Decidir la mort (Decision to die), which was shown on 4th October 2009.

Research Grants were awarded to:

The team led by Joan Canimas of the Campus Arnau d'Escala Foundation for their: Guia orientativa per a guardadors de fet de persones amb malaltia d'Alzheimer als quals es proposa participar en projectes de recerca clínica (Orientation guide for de facto guardians of people with Alzheimer's disease who decide to take part in clinical investigation projects).

The team led by Sara Fidel Kinori of the Psychiatry and Mental Health Research Group at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital for their Study: Protección de la confidencialidad en las historias clínicas informatizadas: los pacientes en la consulta de Salud Mental hospitalaria (Protecting confidentiality in digitalized clinical records: patients under mental health hospital consultation).

The team led by Montserrat Guillaumet of the Escola Universitària d'Infermeria Sant Pau for their research: L'experiència de ser cuidat en un hospital. Perspectiva des del client immigrat econòmic extracomunitari (The experience of being cared for in hospital from the perspective of the non EC economic immigrant).

The team led by José Luís Villanueva in a multi-center study carried out at five Madrid hospitals for their study: Ventilación mecánica, gastrostomía percutánea y toma de decisiones en pacientes con ELA: encuesta sobre la opinión de los pacientes, familiares y médicos (Mechanical ventilation, percutaneous gastrostomy and decision making in patients with ALS: an opinion survey among patients, their relatives and doctors).