Bioethics and design come together in a project about ageing

Collaboration between Elisava and the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation

The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation has partnered with Escuela Universitaria Elisava to provide advice and training to develop publishing projects about ageing. This prestigious design school, part of Pompeu Fabra University, contacted the Foundation at the start of the year after some of its students had expressed a desire to incorporate content, research and analysis in their design project on the subject of ageing.


The Foundation provided a bioethical perspective, delivering a session on subject, giving students the opportunity to ask questions, and advising them on their work in progress.


On 25 February, the students invited the Foundation to attend the presentation of their projects. Working in different groups, organized by subject, the students developed books, catalogues, magazines and online publications, and undertook parallel activities such as performances and reading groups. Both the Foundation and the students' teachers were impressed by the way these projects found fresh ways to address the topic with great sensitivity.