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Decision to die

30 minuts, Televisió de Catalunya

30 minuts
Televisió de Catalunya

To the programme 30 minuts by Televisió de Catalunya  titled: "Decidir la mort" (Decision to die),  broadcast on 4th October 2009.

Over the past few years there has been a slow trickle of cases of euthanasia, be these assisted suicides, (Ramón Sampedro) or straightforward requests for artificial life support mechanisms to be withdrawn (Inmaculada Echevarría and Eluana Englaro).

In each and every case an ardent debate opens between those in favor and those against regulating euthanasia, apart from the debate, a lot of confusion is usually generated.  The documentary, "Decidir la mort", discusses the right to decide how and when to die through the testimonies given by three people suffering from degenerative and incurable illnesses.