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null Commitment Information Document (CID) in dietary adaptations in dysphagia.
Núria Oriol Peregrina
Núria Oriol Peregrina, of Hospital Universitario Mutua de Terrassa, Sociosanitario de Vallparadís, for: "Commitment Information Document (CID) in dietary adaptations in dysphagia".
Within the framework of the therapeutic relationship established between the health professional and the patient-family unit, the professional's desire to help the patient to improve his or her situation can come into conflict with the patient's own values or preferences. On the one hand, the health professional may wish to ensure that the patient understands the suitability of the proposed treatment; on the other, there is the need for the patient to take decisions as autonomously as possible. The project identifies the obstacles to decision-making by patients admitted to the Sub-acute Unit of a Hospital Centre who have difficulties swallowing, and who require adaptations to their diet.