null Q67. Donación de plasma y altruismo

67. Donación de plasma y altruismo: revisando conceptos (Plasma donation and altruism: a survey of concepts)

In our cultural environment, little distinction has been made between blood and plasma donation, as they are both regarded as forms of solidarity action under the category of altruism. Frequently, there is a critical examination of models for acquiring and processing plasma, particularly for the production of blood products which entertain the idea of compensating donors.


Amidst the ongoing review at the European level of regulations introducing “compensation” for donors, this volume examines the topic from the perspective of administrators, patients, donors, blood bank managers, as well as industry representatives.


It also provides philosophical and ethical discussion on the subject while elucidating the present-day landscape of plasma donation in Europe. This is a matter of paramount importance as more solutions are needed to address the plasma shortage, notably as we work to promote self-sufficiency for plasma products within neighbouring countries.