Learning from the crisis? The place of ethics in the economy

Conference by Adela Cortina, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Politics at the University of Valencia, to be held on next October 20 at 19.00 h.

The conference forms part of the Foundation's Bioethics Prizes and Scholarships awards ceremony. Adela Cortina is director of the ETNOR foundation, member of the National Committee for Assisted Human Reproduction and member of the Advisory Board to the Spanish Health and Consumption Ministry.  She works in political philosophy and in ethical issues related to companies, politics and healthcare.  Her conference addresses the role of ethics in the current economic climate.

October 20, at 19.00 h.
IDEC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Balmes, 132-134

The event is free of charge.  To register, please access the calendar and go to October 20.