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null ¿Puede la inteligencia artificial ayudar a prepararnos frente a la muerte? Cuestiones éticas sobre los chatbots para el dol y el final de la vida(Can artificial intelligence help us prepare for death? Ethical questions about the role of chatbots in the grieving process and the end of life)
Belén Jiménez, of the Open University of Catalonia, and Ignacio Brescó, of Aalborg University

The appearance of ‘griefbots', enabling us to continue chatting with somebody who is no longer with us, or the chatbots used to help those receiving palliative care to face the prospect of death, raise numerous ethical questions about our relationship with technology. This project seeks to explore them, linking them with the latest trends in clinical psychology, which stress the importance of affirming the existence of continuing bonds with the dead person.