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null Racismo, medicina colonial y salud global: un estudio cualitativo de opinión sobre ética de las decisiones en investigación sanitaria en África [Racism, colonial medicine and global health: a qualitative study of opinion on the ethics of decisions in health research in Africa]
Team led by Rosauro Varo, ISGlobal

To gain a specific understanding of what is meant when we talk of structural violence in the context of colonization, health and bioethics, this project seeks to contextualize and define concepts such as "racism" and "colonization" with respect to the basic principles of bioethics and ethics as applied to medicine. It also seeks to offer a vision of health professionals in Africa, both expatriate staff and local, with respect to the racist ideology of colonialism.


Research team formed by: Rosauro Varo, Antonio Varo and Quique Bassat.