Ruth Macklin will deliver the Josep Egozcue Lecture Cycle

This will be held in October as part of the 2008-2009 annual awards ceremony

Generic title
Research Involving Human Participants: What are the ethical issues today confronting researchers and research ethics committees?

Lecture 1 (the general lecture):
Unresolved problems in the design and review of research proposals; newer ethical issues raised by advances in medical science and technology

Specialized Lectures:
Multinational Research: Exploitation or benefit in low-resource countries?
For the past decade, bioethics has been exploring concerns that arise when industrialized countries or the pharmaceutical industry conduct clinical trials in developing countries. Is it acceptable to do research with human participants in these countries when the same research could not ethically be conducted in developed countries?

Grey Areas in Research with Human Participants: Determining what is research, what is novel treatment, what is standard of care?
It is sometimes difficult to determine when an activity is research and when it is aimed at improving the quality of care in a hospital setting or when it should be viewed as public health practice rather than public health research. When physicians embark on novel treatments, are the conducting research? Or deviating from the "standard of care"?