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Course “From Birth to Death"

7 February - 3 April

In collaboration with Ateneu Barcelonès we are organizing a course titled “Del nacer al morir” [From Birth to Death].  This five-session course aims to provide a survey of bioethical concerns associated with the different stages of life. These issues not only pose challenges to our society but also to our individual ethical values.

We invite you to engage in reflective bioethical discussion covering the continuum from reproduction to the end of life, delving into topics including the mental health of young people and ageing. This course will involve diverse formats that will encourage interaction among participants.

Course Calendar:

  • 7 February - Surrogacy.
    • Núria Terribas, legal scholar specialized in bioethics.
    • Joaquim Calaf, doctor specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • 21 February - Genetics and reproduction: Designer babies?
    • Clara González, expert in assisted human reproduction.
  • 6 March – Young people and mental health: a new pandemic? (Film screening and discussion on “Bailar la Locura” [Dancing Madness])
    • Marta Espar, journalist and screenwriter.
    • Josep Ramos, psychiatrist and expert in health management.
  • 20 March - Ageing and limited lives.
    • Mercè Pérez Salanova, psychologist specialized in ageing.
  • 3 April - Decisions at the end of life: dying with dignity, euthanasia and advance directives. (Interactive workshop open to the public)
    • Cristina Vallès, president of Derecho a Morir Dignamente - Cataluña [Right to Die with Dignity - Catalonia]
    • Núria Terribas, legal scholar specialized in bioethics.

Course fee: €60
Foundation and Ateneu members: €40
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Registration open until 1 February


7 February - 3 April
Sessions will take place every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
Sala Verdaguer, Ateneu Barcelonès
Calle de la Canuda, 6, Barcelona
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