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Personalized medicine: Biomedical innovation in the 21st century

19 September

This lecture will delve into a controversial yet significant topic: the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasing use in personalized medicine. The aim of this lecture is to provide an analysis of the current landscape, featuring expert insights from a variety of disciplines spanning science, business, and ethics.


AI technology can help doctors make well-informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment, tailoring medical care to patients based on their individual characteristics. Yet its use also raises critical ethical considerations that require careful examination. These include the responsible use of patient data, ensuring equitable access to healthcare, as well as maintaining accountability and transparency in the development of novel therapies and medications.


This event will also serve as a meeting of minds and forum for ongoing work in this regard, nurturing future dialogues and collaborative relationships among all stakeholders involved.





In-person lecture
10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Foment del Treball Offices
Via Laietana 32, Barcelona


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