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Altruism and organ and tissue donation: Is it time to re-examine these concepts?

December 14

On December 14, in collaboration with Amics de la Unesco de Barcelona (Friends of the UNESCO, Barcelona) a new conference has been organized. On this occasion, Núria Terribas, legal scholar and director of the Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas, will give a talk entitled “Altruism and organ and tissue donation”. 

In the realm of donation of organs in particular but also the donation of human tissue, blood, and its derivatives, Europe has always positioned itself within the conceptual framework of altruism and solidarity towards others, concepts buttressed by the principle of non-commercialisation of the human body.

Whilst this principle remains unquestioned in connection with the donation of organs and certain tissues, the same is not true for tissues derived from blood or gametes, for example. The aim of this conference is to reflect upon this situation and whether or not we should re-examine the concepts of altruism and solidarity, especially when society holds these ideas to be sacrosanct, a position which compromises the self-sufficiency of certain drugs or treatments.




In-person activity
Seu d'Amics de UNESCO de Barcelona
c/Mallorca, 207 Barcelona


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