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Call for abstracts for awards and grants 2024

Until 31 May. Deadline to submit projects.

The call for abstracts for bioethics awards and grants wil be open until 31 May. You can register online and submit projects via our website.

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Q68 La necesidad de cuidado

This edition of Quaderns reflects on the need for care to transcend the private sphere

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May 16, Vic

On 16 MAy we have organized in Vic a matinee screenings of the film “Make People Better” for primary and secondary students. Hosted in collaboration with the Americana Film Fest and the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia, these screenings are offered with an aim to promote bioethical discussion.


In 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui crossed a significant threshold in human evolution, irreversibly altering the genetic structure of embryos to usher in the birth of the first babies with edited genomes. This controversial experiment sparked an international outcry, leading Chinese authorities to take swift action not only to suspend Dr He, but also address the situation of the twin girls whose genes he had edited.

This documentary unveils the untold story behind this historic scientific event, offering perspectives from those who witnessed it first-hand, encouraging viewers to reflect on the ethical implications arising from scientific advancements. Is it ethical to pursue every scientific possibility? Should we place limits on gene editing? Is transhumanism desirable? Should we allow genetic research in humans?




This activity is 100% subsidized.




For 4th ESO and Baccalaureate level students

Original version with Catalan subtitles

16 May at 10:00 a. m.

Cineclub Vic, Espai ETC

Pg. De la Generalitat, 46, 08500 Vic


More information


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8 de maig

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8 de maig

English version available soon

Os invitamos al acto "Hablemos de la muerte a través de los libros", que supondrà el inicio del Festival de Vida al Final de la Vida, un programa de actividades culturales de divulgación y concienciación para desestigmatizar y romper el tabú a hablar de la muerte, el duelo y la etapa final de la vida. Se celebrará en Barcelona durante el mes de mayo de 2024.

En esta actividad se tratará el tema de la muerte y el final de la vida a través de tres experiencias literarias diferentes de la mano de Espartac Peran (Tres desitjos abans de morir: de la mort), Soledad Romero (El meravellós llibre de la mort) y Cristina Llagostera (Morir con amor), moderado por Pol Izquierdo.

Próximamente abriremos inscripciones


8 de Mayo
De 18.30 a 20h

Biblioteca Jaume Fuster
Pza de Lesseps, 20, Barcelona


Acto en colaboración con:

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Two of our audiovisual awards winners now showing in theatres

Mamífera” and “Mi sextorsión” films premiére

Two recipients of our Bioethics Audiovisual Award are coming to the big screen. The first film, “Mamífera” (She-Mammal), directed by Liliana Torres, is set to première in Barcelona on April 25, and the second film, titled “Diario de mi sextorsión” (Diary of my sextorsion), by Patrícia Franquesa, will be featured in the lineup as part of the Barcelona Docs festival in May.


“Mamífera”, recipient of the 2022 Audiovisual Award, tells the story of a couple facing an unplanned pregnancy. The film explores the myriad social factors surrounding motherhood, advocating for the right to choose not to become a parent.


Meanwhile, “Diario de mi sextorsión”, winner of the 2020 Audiovisual Award, explores the director’s personal experience with extortion. The film documents the aftermath of the theft of her laptop, which led to the circulation of intimate photos among her contacts. The film challenged the illusion of security surrounding our personal data and explores the vulnerability we often overlook.


Our Audiovisual Bioethics Awards are bestowed annually, recognizing films in the developmental stage that explore themes related to bioethics. This often serves as the initial step towards securing funding and commencing production. Some projects may take two or three years to come to fruition, while others never materialize due to insufficient support or funding. This makes it particularly significant in this case, as two of the awarded projects are now coming to the big screen.


Other recipients of these awards include “Bailar la locura” (Dancing madness, awarded in 2019) and “Ponto Final” (2021 special mention).


Audiovisual Award






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