Movie forum "The lost sons", Vic

25 October

The Grífols Foundation UVic-UCC Chair of Bioethics is partnering with the Americana Festival of North American Cinema in Barcelona and the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia to organize one matinee session to promote discussion of bioethical issues among school students.


The sessions addressed issues including identity, social impact, and the right to know one's biological origins through the film "The lost sons", a documentary in the style of a true crime thriller, with dramatic details and unexpected plot twists.


At the age of 8, Paul Fronczak came across some newspaper cuttings in the attic about a baby stolen in Chicago, who later turned up in Newark, Nueva Jersey. His family confirmed that he was the baby, and nothing more was said of the matter. It was only many years later, when Paul's first daughter was born, that he decided to undertake a media search to discover the truth about his biological family.


 Trailer "The lost sons"


Activity subsidized in full


25 October at 10:00

Cineclub Vic, Espai ETC

Pg. De la Generalitat, 46, 08500 Vic


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