The ethics of care

15 June

New lecture in the cycle organized with Barcelona Friends of UNESCO to discuss bioethical issues. On Wednesday 15 June, Montserrat Busquets – nurse and retired lecturer at the School of Nursing at the University of Barcelona – will address the issue of the ethics of care in a lecture in which she will stress not only its value in the health sphere but also its wider social value.


One of the features of our world is the invisibility of care, despite the fact that it is essential for the maintenance of life. The intrinsic vulnerability and fragility of human beings means we require care to stay alive, and that we also need to look after the environment in which we live.


The ethics of care proposes a relational, inclusive and contextual model, one that is not limited to the dual relationship between the person who needs care and the one who gives it but also permeates organizations and institutional policies to create a more just society.





15 June
6:30 pm
In-person event, in Catalan
Barcelona Friends of UNESCO
C/ de Mallorca, 207, 08036 Barcelona

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