Bioethics in a post-COVID society

30 June to 2 July 2020

The Chair of Bioethics of the University of Vic–Central University of Catalonia offered three webinars as part of the university's Summer School. These webinars addressed three issues that have been at the forefront during the COVID19 pandemic: grief, health data and the role of health professionals.


30 June. Isolation and grief during the health crisis

Begoña Román. Lecturer in Ethics at the University of Barcelona and president of the Social Services Ethics Committee of Catalonia



1 July. Monitoring, data control and health during the COVID19 crisis
Pablo Hernando. Data Protection Delegate, Parc Taulí Health Corporation.



2 July. Health professionals: their role during the pandemic

Bernabé Robles. Head of Neurology Service, Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, lecturer in Neurology and Bioethics at UVic–UCC.