Human Nature: matinee screening for high schools

3, 4 and 17 March

On 3, 4 and 17 March, in partnership with Americana Film Fest and the Chair of Bioethics of UVIc-UCC,  we are organizing three matinee screenings of "Human Nature" for high schools.  This is a documentary that explores the potential implications of CRISPR, the revolutionary genome-editing editing technique that can cure disease, correct genetic defects and modify genes to "improve" our genetic material.


Human Nature takes a provocative look at the wide-ranging implications of CRISPR, through the eyes of the scientists who discovered it, those who could benefit from it, and the bio-engineers who are testing its limits.




3 and 4 March, at 10:00
Cinemes Girona
c/ Girona 175


17 March at 10h
Universitat de Vic
c/ de la Laura 13 Vic


Educational establishments interested in attending should contact