Ethics and Science Awards Ceremony

February 7

The Ethics and Science Awards for educational establishments will be presented at 18:30 on 7 February, and the opening address will be delivered by Albert Reverendo, a political scientist and philosopher, who will talk about climate change.

Our planet's climate crisis poses challenges that humanity has never faced before. The global scale of the problem may make us believe it is just too large to tackle, and indeed this is exactly how it seems from the perspective from which we have understood and organized our world to date. The individualism of the modern era is part of the problem, and the solution does not lie solely in taking responsibility for our own actions, enjoying the feelgood buzz that comes from recycling, and waiting for our fellow humans to join hands around the planet. If only being eco-friendly hipsters were sufficient!

We have to accept the ethical challenges that climate change poses. Do we all have the same responsibility? Who bears more responsibility: those with the power to solve the problem or those who have caused most damage? What is to be done about the fact that we don't all suffer the impact of climate change equally? And what about the fate of climate refugees, who are already among us? For how long can production and consumption continue to grow? And, finally, how can science and philosophy join forces to regain a future that has been left by the wayside?

7 February at 18:30
Sala Àgora
Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona