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Cinema and debate with the documentary, Human Nature

Canceled! 24 November, 6:30 pm


On 24 November, in partnership with Americana Film Fest and the Ateneu Barcelonès, we are holding a movie forum, with a screening of the documentary Human Nature followed by a debate on the limits of genome editing.


The documentary explores the potential implications of CRISPR, the genome-editing technique that can cure disease, correct genetic defects and modify genes to "improve" our genetic material. Human Nature takes a look at the implications of CRISPR, through the eyes of the scientists who described it, those who could benefit from it, and the bio-engineers who are testing its limits. Are we ready for its application in humans? What limits should we set on it? What risks does it entail?


The event will be introduced and chaired by Ricard Faura, of the Science and Technology Department of the Ateneo, and Núria Terribas, Director of the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation.


This activity will be conducted in accordance with current Covid-related safety regulations.


Tickets are free but numbers are limited.


24 November, 6:30 pm

Ateneu Barcelonès, Sala d'Actes Oriol Bohigas

Carrer de la Canuda, 6, 08002, Barcelona