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Presentation of "Kayros. Una historia de la bioética"

13 September

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The Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation has produced the documentary "Kayros. Una historia de la bioética" (Kairos: A History of bioethics) in partnership with the Spanish Society for Internal Medicine and the Francisco Vallés Institute of Clinical Ethics. The documentary will be screened on 13 September at an event at the Casa de la Convalescència, with contributions from Victòria Camps (president of the Foundation), Núria Terribas (director of the Foundation), Marc Antoni Broggi (president of Bioethics Committee of Catalonia) and Benjamín Herreros (director of the documentary).


Bioethics emerged in the 20th century when people began to question how research was conducted with human subjects, and how people were treated when they became ill. Kairos was the youngest son of Zeus and was the personification of opportunity, luck and favourable moments. Bioethics emerged at its own favourable moment, neither too early nor too late. In just a few years, bioethics has become a mainstream discipline, promoting intense public debate about the start and end of life, and the applications of genetics and of artificial intelligence. Bioethics now goes far beyond biomedicine, and scientists, legal experts, philosophers and many others have contributed to its development. This is the history of the kairos of bioethics, of the moment of its emergence, of the challenges it faces now and in the future.


This history of bioethics, with a running time of just under an hour, features contributions from many of the protagonists of the discipline today, including Joseph Fins, Victoria Camps, Antonio Garrigues, Diego Gracia, Javier Sádaba, Amnon Carmi, Marc Antoni Broggi, Lydia Feito, Begoña Román, Núria Terribas, Miguel Sánchez, Itziar de Lecuona, Juan Carlos Álvarez and Diego Real de Asúa.





13 September

6 pm

Casa de Convalescència

c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret 171