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The mystery of the human brain

7 November

On 7 November, Bernabé Robles del Olmo, head of the Neurology Service, Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, discussed "The mysteries of the brain". It was the second lecture in the bioethics cycle, in partnership with Barcelona Friends of Unesco as part of the "Spaces for reflection" project, designed to promote detailed discussion of issues related to life and to ethics.


The lectura discussed about one of the greatest mysteries in the development of humanity, how consciousness arose. This is a question that has fascinated philosophers and scientists alike. Modern technology allows us to observe how the human brain works, and this gives us a better understanding of its complexity. However, each new discovery raises new questions about the future of the mind. For example, will it one day be possible to cure neurodegenerative diseases or reproduce brain function?



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