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Book presentation: "El laberint d'Asterió"

18 January

Presentation of "El laberint d'Asterió" (Asterion's Labyrinth) on 18 January at La Central del Raval bookshop, Barcelona.


The author, Júlia Martín, has a PhD in Applied Bioethics and Ethics, is a member of the Aporia and GISME research groups at the University of Barcelona, sits on the EATAF committee (Department of Justice), and has participated in numerous research projects both in Spain and at the European level.


This book is the product of the Horizons Project, for which she received one of our bioethics research grants. This project aimed to construct and publish an innovative play and learning tool in the health setting, leading to the production of this book, which offers a game for hospitalized adolescents, based on narrative bioethics.


The presentation will be attended by Júlia Martín, Núria Terribas (director of the Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation), Begoña Román (lecturer in Philosophy at UB) and Jordi Solé (publisher at Voliana Edicions). Find out more about the book.



Find out more about the book



118 January


La Central del Raval, Carrer d'Elisabets, 6, 08001 Barcelona


In-person activity, ticket-holders only


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