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Vaccines and COVID-19

February 10

The lecture cycle, organized in partnership with Barcelona Friends of UNESCO and suspended during the pandemic, resumes to consider the COVID19 pandemic from a bioethical perspective. Antoni Sitges Serra, Professor of Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, will analyse the medical conflicts relating to the vaccine.


In the context of the COVID pandemic, one of the issues that has generated both expectations and concerns among ordinary citizens relates to vaccines, which have been seen as a route out of this nightmare and back to normality. This issue is clearly one with huge bioethical implications, with respect to the efficacy of the vaccines themselves, the rapid manufacture process, criteria for prioritizing access, the possibility of compulsory vaccination, and the potential for discrimination between "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated" individuals. At Barcelona Friends of UNESCO and the Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation, we aim to provide a space where we can explore these issues in more depth and discuss them with each other.




February 10


Zoom Webinar


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