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Bioethics Grants and Prizes 2018

Bioethics Grants and Prizes 2018

The jury of the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation Bioethics Prizes and Grants has announced the winners of this year's awards.


Ana M. González Ramos of the Open University of Catalonia, for the study: "Uso ético de las redes sociales en el caso de los trastornos de conducta alimentaria." [Ethical use of social media in the case of eating disorders.]


The team led by Silvia Poveda Moral at Fundació Sanitària Mollet for the study "Barreras en la gestión del documento de voluntades anticipadas y planificación de decisiones anticipadas en servicios de urgencias y emergencias médicas". [Obstacles in the management of the advance directive and advance decision planning document in medical emergency services.]


Andreu Segura Benedicto, doctor specialized in public health, for the study: "La ética de la ignorancia y la ética de la incertidumbre. Elementos para comprender y prevenir la iatrogenia".

[The ethics of ignorance and the ethics of uncertainty. Elements to understand and prevent iatrogenics.]


Mònica Sumoy Gete-Alonso of Rovira i Virgili University for the study: "La representación cinematográfica del cuidado de la salud física, mental y emocional del ser humano y sus implicaciones éticas". [The cinematic representation of care for the physical, mental and emotional health of human beings, and the ethical implications.]


Priscila Giraldo Matamoros of Fundació Institut Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques for the study "La reconciliación después del error médico: la mediación como herramienta de ayuda a las víctimas". [Reconciliation after medical errors: mediation as a tool to help victims.]


The team led by Albert Granero Lázaro of Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí for the study "Puesta en marcha de un proceso de planificación de decisiones anticipadas en pacientes con trastorno mental severo (TMS) en un centro de salud mental". [Implementing a process for planning advance directives in patients with severe mental disorder (SMD) at a mental health centre.]



First prize to Ciencia y bioética en la ficción [Science and bioethics in fiction] by Marta Vecino Perez, a student at Institut Ribera Baixa, Prat del Llobregat.

Second prize to El consentimiento informado en ensayos clínicos con pacientes pediátricos [Informed consent in clinical trials with paediatric patients] by Laia Pérez Pucurull, student at IES Joan Boscà, Barcelona.

Third prize to El diagnóstico genético preimplantacional: aplicaciones, bioética y perspectivas de futuro [Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: applications, bioethics and future prospects] by Maria Bretones Vallejo, student at Col·legi Jesús Maria de Sant Andreu, Barcelona.



Documentary "Morir abans de néixer" [Dying before birth] by Núria Jar Benabarre with the support of The Cannonball Film Company.


Special mention to documentary Séptimo Piso (Seven floor) by Ànnia Monreal, Raül Clemente and Xavi Herrero.

Exhibition: Thirty rights – thirty images

From November 6 to December 18, 2018.

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From November 6 to December 18, 2018.

 The Grífols Foundation Chair of Bioethics at the University of Vic-Central University of Catalunya has organized an exhibition with the title "30 rights for a more humane world", emphasizing the importance of human rights on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration. The exhibition has been organized in partnership with International Solidarity for Human Rights (ISHR), a United States NGO that works to educate people about human rights, and which has generously provided the contents.

The exhibition consists of thirty posters, each of which illustrates one of the rights included in the universal declaration. In January, it will be transferred to la Casa de Convalecencia in Vic.

Until 18 December
Carrer de la Laura, 13, 08500 Vic, Barcelona

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Ethics and Science Awards Ceremony 2018

December 20, 2018

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December 20, 2018

Lecture by Joan Manuel del Pozo, PhD in philosophy, member of the "Observatory of ethics as applied to social, psychoeducational and social-health action" (UdG), of which he is also a former director, will deliver the keynote address: "The humanities and technology: complementary or incompatible?"


In it, he will explore the apparent conflict between humanistic and technological knowledge, and will discuss the assumption that one form of knowledge can only advance at the expense of the other. He argues that, if we are to serve people and society as a whole in an era of technological progress, then we will continue to need the thought and creativity that protects our freedom as human beings and guarantees the values upon which social life is based; however, in his view this is perfectly compatible with technological progress.


Following Joan Manuel del Pozo's lecture, this years "Ethics and Science" awards will be presented.


20 December, 6:30 pm


Espacio Àgora

C. Isaac Newton, 26

08022 Barcelona


Free registration

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