null 04. Confesiones de un médico

04. Confesiones de un médico

The Spanish version of 'Confessions of a Medicine Man: An Essay in Popular Philosophy'

Tauber, A; Confesiones de un médico. Un ensayo filosófico. Madrid: Triacastela; Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas, 2011. ISBN: 978-8495840-60-8

Triacastela, with sponsorship from the Foundation, has published the Spanish version of Confessions of a Medicine Man: An Essay in Popular Philosophy.  In his book, Alfred Tauber offers a personal introduction to the history of bioethics, to the evolution of the healthcare system in the United States and to the main 20th century philosophical schools of thought through illustrative autobiographical episodes in the life of a doctor.

Alfred Tauber is one of the main medical humanities authors in the United States.  He is Professor of Medicine and Professor of Philosophy at Boston University and for many years he was director of the Boston University Center for Philosophy and History of Science.  His book Confessions of a Medicine Man won the prize for the best academic book awarded by the American Libraries Magazine and also the American Medical Writers Association first prize.

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