null Committed to care and the ethics of care

14. Committed to care and the ethics of care. Development of Theory and Practice

This monograph offers information on how to apply the ethics of care in different settings in the social services and healthcare sectors, which can help contribute to the well-being and quality of life for people. These considerations are the result of the seminar on the Ethics of Care organized by Colectivo Minerva and Fundación Víctor Grífols i Lucas.


It includes a notable contribution from Marian Barnes, who offers an enriching reflection on the importance of the ethics of care in the fight for social justice. She analyzes the implications of this perspective in the definition of healthcare policies and strategies, arguing how the ethics of care can help professionals better define their roles, thereby contributing to a wider goal of social justice.


The volume also includes contributions from Victoria Camps, Carme Casas, Víctor Montori and Pilar Delgado, who offer us their vision from the point of view of various professions.