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Obstetric violence

08 September 2021

We interviewed Josefina Goberna

The Health Care Ethics Committees

12 July 2021

Màrius Morlans explains what is a Health Care Ethics Committee

Uterus transplant, ethical dilemmas

15 June 2021

An alternative to adoption and surrogate pregnancy?

Attending to social and health needs: working together or working against each other?

19 May 2021

It is time to reconsider an approach based on two separate models

Documentary counter-attack to the new cyber-blackmail

28 April 2021

Patricia Franquesa explores the ransomware attack suffered after the theft of her laptop.

Ethics of Bioinformatics Training Toolkit

07 April 2021

We explain you what this project is about

About euthanasia

02 March 2021

Bioethical reflections of Montserrat Busquets on the new euthanasia law

Vaccination against COVID-19: do I want to or do I have to?

08 February 2021

Maite Cruz, Joaquín Hortal and Javier Padilla explain their project exploring people's reluctance to be vaccinated

Chatbots to mourn and end of life

28 January 2021

Belén Jiménez seeks to explore how AI can help to face the prospect of death

The mystery of the human brain

05 January 2021

We talk with Miquel Àngel Serra about the limits of transhumanism





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14 March 2022

We talk to Miquel Domènech about social robotics

50 years on, the Tuskegee Case

17 May 2022

Why are so important ethics on human research?

One year of the Euthanasia Law

14 June 2022

Núria Terribas takes stock of the first year of application of the Euthanasia Law

The new high school curriculum, an opportunity for bioethics?

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Carlos Giménez explains the opportunities offered by the new high school curriculum to bring bioethics to the classrooms