Reflections on trans medicalization

22 September 2022

Sabel Gabaldón, psiquiatra y doctor en filosofía, avanza algunos de los contenidos de su próxima conferencia.

The new high school curriculum, an opportunity for bioethics?

19 July 2022

Carlos Giménez explains the opportunities offered by the new high school curriculum to bring bioethics to the classrooms

One year of the Euthanasia Law

14 June 2022

Núria Terribas takes stock of the first year of application of the Euthanasia Law

50 years on, the Tuskegee Case

17 May 2022

Why are so important ethics on human research?

"Technology is not neutral, therefore ethical reflection is needed"

14 March 2022

We talk to Miquel Domènech about social robotics

Moral dilemmas or problems?

11 January 2022

We reflect on the differences between moral dilemmas and problems

Curing and caring: a continuum

22 November 2021

Victoria Camps gives an advance extract from the forthcoming monograph, "La atención a las necesidades sanitarias y sociales" (Attending to health needs and social needs).

"Science without ethics can lead us up a blind alley."

13 October 2021

We talk to Salvador Macip about ethics, science and education.

How did you get involved in bioethics?

27 September 2021

We asked our awardees about the reasons how they decided to focus their research in the field of bioethics

Obstetric violence

08 September 2021

We interviewed Josefina Goberna