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Sexuality and functional diversity

08 June 2020

Soledad Arnau's experience. An excerpt from the monograph "Sexuality and functional diversity", to be published shortly.

Ethics of information in times of pandemic

25 May 2020

With the contributions of Mònica Terribas, Milagros Pérez-Oliva and Antoni Trilla.

Covid-19: individual freedom versus the common good

14 May 2020

Key points of the webinar. Video and speakers presentations.

COVID-19: the role of bioethics

05 May 2020

Summary of key points to come out of the webinar on bioethics and COVID-19

Research and Covid-19

22 April 2020

The Foundation has decided to promote specific research into Covid-19

Caring: the most important thing of all

01 April 2020

Montserrat Busquets reflects on the ethical value of care as the principal task of the health services.

Reconciliation after medical errors

10 March 2020

Mediation as a tool to help victims

Electronics and ASD

25 February 2020

"Being able to convey that the educational project can help other people, gives it value and promotes greater involvement"

Is it really better not to visit the doctor?

10 February 2020

Andreu Segura talks about iatrogenesis

Horizons Project: The Labyrinth of Asterion

22 January 2020

Júlia Martín explains the project awarded with a research grant in bioethics





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