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Supporting the sexuality of adults with disabilities or functional diversity

19 December 2019

Some adults with disabilities or functional diversity have sexual needs that can only be satisfied with the help of specialist services

The era of the posthumans?

09 December 2019

Salvador Macip writes about how genetics will change our species.

Mediation must be ethical or it will be nothing

18 November 2019

Begoña Román offers a preview of the contents of the Foundation's next monograph.

"We can gain some time but we still can't stop degenerative brain diseases"

11 November 2019

Bernabé Robles, Head of the Neurology Service at Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu.

Science with ethical sensibility

29 October 2019

The Ethics and Science awards aimed at educational centers reach their sixth edition.

Interview with Carme Torras

16 October 2019

"A robot enables carers to devote more of their time to tasks with emotional significance"

Bioethics: only in the north

07 October 2019

We have created a bioethics focused on the ethical conflicts that primarily affect the western world

"We wanted to reflect on the importance of argumentation based on scientific evidence"

16 September 2019

Carlos Giménez, winner of "Ethics and Science"

"Ethics needs discussions and a process to find solutions"

03 September 2019

Helen Kohlen, Professor of Ethics and Nursing Care Policy at the Philosophical-Theological University of Vallendar.





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