Atención a la cronicidad: más, a veces, es menos

October 14 and 15, in Barcelona. Free course organized together with the CUIMPB

The Foundation, together with the Consorcio de la Universidad Menéndez Pelayo (CUIMPB), is organizing the course "Attention to chronic illness: more is sometimes less". This course addresses the problems that arise from chronic illness, which appear when treatment is intended to prolong life, without measuring its quality.

The course, delivered by Ramón Bayés, Marc Antoni Broggi and Joan Escarrabill, focuses on the risk of futility in the care of people who suffer from chronic illness, and the value of patient perspectives. 
Dates: 14 and 15 October

Times: on the 14th from 16.00h to19.00h / on the 15th from 08.45h to 19.00h

Place: Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona