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null Las narrativas clínicas de la muerte: ¿una oportunidad para el desarrollo ético de los profesionales? [Clinical narratives of death: an opportunity for the ethical development of professionals?]
Team led by Pau Miquel of Fundació per la Recerca Sant Joan de Déu

Numerous studies have identified the lack of international research into palliative pediatric care. This project seeks to determine the main clinical aspects of such care, drawing on the clinical narratives of health professionals: it compares the different ethical perspectives of professionals on the death of a patient; the moral characterization of patients and those around them (family and care staff); analysis of how decision-making is reported; and evaluation of the pedagogic impact of the goodbye message, a tool to inform health professionals involved in treating and caring for a patient of that person's death.


Research team formed by: Pau Miquel, Ignasi Clemente, Balma Soraya Hernández, Lucía Navarro, Lucía Peñarrubia and Daniel Toro.