Míriam Condeminas and Jordi Jumilla take part in the London International Youth Science Forum

The prize received at the BIYSC allowed them to attend the London meeting

Míriam Condeminas and Jordi Jumilla were recognized by the Fundació Víctor Grifols i Lucas and Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera at the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge 2016.


Míriam Condeminas won her prize for a study coordinated by the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB), entitled "Insulin and diabetes: how science saves lives", a project that reviews scientific progress in the fight against diabetes and looks at how new treatments have improved the quality of life of people with this disease. Jordi Jumilla's winning entry, "Development of a robotic hand to enhance deaf people's communication", was coordinated by La Salle Campus Barcelona. It explores the possibility of designing a robotic hand capable of reproducing sign language and of translating messages in other languages into sign language.


The prize enabled both students to take part in the prestigious London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) programme, held in London from 26 July to 9 August. They had the chance to attend scientific lectures, visit leading R&D centres, present their own work, and also to indulge in some tourism. For Míriam, highlights of her time in London included the opportunities for personal and professional enrichment. She also recalled visits to research centres in the United Kingdom, and presenting her work in public, which exposed her to different points of view and gave her the chance to benefit from the insights of others.


For Jordi, particular high points included a lecture at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), and a visit to Oxford University. Both students agreed that one of the most important aspects of their time in London was the opportunity to make friends with students from across the world, drawn from a wide range of cultures.

Jordi Jumilla is currently completing a double honours degree at UPC in Mathematics and Physical Engineering, and although he has not yet decided what he wants to do after he graduates, he is certainly drawn to the field of scientific research. Míriam Condeminas is about to start the second half of her Chemistry degree at the University of Barcelona, and is very clear that she wants to pursue a career in research.